Letter To Our Customers

Letter To Our Customers
MilitaryStickers.com is being built for you and by you. Initially we will offer stickers for all American services and eventually all of the units within each service. This project has never been attempted because it will involve current units, past units and many of the 'unofficial' unit designs not readily available any longer.

Normally a new web sites open with product the site owner 'hopes' the customer would like to buy. In the past, this way of building a store has been somewhat successful...but we want to go to the next step and do things a bit different.

We want you to join in on the fun. Military Stickers will upload the basic unit sticker to our site and after that is where you come in. We want our customers to join the Military Stickers community. We need you to give us suggestions with what you want to see.

So, if you know of a unit badge or patch that is not represented, please let us know and if we can we will make the decal for you, we then we will offer it on the site for your friends.

We want you to bring your history to the site because you're the expert,...you're the people in the know. So, be sure to let us know the type of decals and zaps that you would like to see represented and we will do the best we can.

In addition...Do you have a story about your experiences or your unit? Your stories can either be serious, showing the bravery of your buddies or maybe something that was really funny. We want to hear what you say and , we will include it on the page with the unit badge so our customers can read something 'special' about your unit.

Now don't be shy..I have yet to meet a veteran or family member without a story. Military Stickers reserves the right to clean up the story a bit, which I'm sure you understand. I remember some of the flowery words that were sometimes used when I was in the service. Don't forget to send copies of your pictures also. We want to see our friends and how you used our stickers.

Also, if you are a wife, son, daughter,relative or friend, we want to hear from you too. Your and stories are very important.

This site is being built for our customers by our customers. All we are doing is laying the foundation. Not only will we be offering decals, we want Military Stickers to be a living testimony to the hero's of our services. There are no limit to the pages we can create, so you load us up. We are going to have fun, tell stories and remember the times that mean so much to each of us, so pull up a chair, grab that bottle of whatever and let's start.

Owned by a Veteran,

Thank you for visiting,

Dave Duckworth Navy ATC 1968-1973


We accept IMPAC (Smart Pay 2) credit cards. Our Cage Code is 5QLZ1